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Conscious Sedation and General Anesthesia

Many children require sedation for dental treatment given their age, temperament, ability to cope or medical reasons. Sedation is usually used when extensive dental treatment is required.

Kids Painless Dentistry's General Anesthesia Procedure

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For some children, treatment under general anesthesia in a hospital may be advised for completing their dental work. Medically speaking, anesthesia is an induced state of unconsciousness. In practical terms, the patient is asleep and unable to respond to touch or voices. It is most often recommended for young children with extensive treatment needs and/or special medical/developmental needs. Only highly qualified anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists in a hospital setting provide the anesthesia services. Parents are always welcome to ask the pediatric dentist any questions about benefits and risks of this treatment.

Candidates for hospital dentistry includes the following :

  • Children that have extensive dental needs
  • The medically compromised child
  • The mentally handicapped child
  • Children that have strong gag reflex
  • Children that have had traumatic dental experiences
  • The very apprehensive child
  • Infants

Kids Painless Dentistry's Conscious Sedation Procedure

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Conscious sedation means that your child remains awake throughout the dental treatment and the procedure is carried out in the dental surgery. However his/her perception is altered to facilitate unpleasant, invasive of painful dental procedures.”Memory” of the treatment may vary depending on the technique and dosage of the drug used.

Fasting is an important part of dental sedation. Certain foods may alter your child’s reaction to sedation procedures. This food may ‘compete’ with the sedative agent being administered, and may alter/delay the desired effect.

Children easily perceive anxiety on others. Please assist us by reassuring your child pre- and post-operatively. Do not mention the words like needle, pain, injection etc…The dentist will explain your child everything step by step on the day of the appointment.

Please do not bring other siblings or children at the sedation appointment. Your sedated child will require your full attention.